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At your first family planning visit, a counselor will explain the health care services available at MFHS and what will be involved during your first visit. She will ask for information about your medical history — you may have to fill out some forms beforehand in the waiting room — and she will explain any laboratory tests that will be done.

After going over the basics, your counselor will ask about any reproductive health questions or issues you may have. This information can include concerns about STDs and birth control.

She will explain the different methods of contraception, including how each method is used, how it prevents pregnancy, how well it works, and what side effects might occur. If you are a woman, she will help you to select a birth control method that suits your needs.

A physician or nurse practitioner will conduct your medical examination. They will check for any problems, including signs of STDs. If you are a woman, they will also do a Pap Smear to test for abnormal cells that can lead to cancer.

Remember, all information will be kept confidential. Additionally, it’s okay to ask questions during any part of the exam or visit. The staff care about your comfort level and want you to leave with as much reproductive health information as possible.

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