Care. It’s a simple word that describes who we are and what we do every day.

As a private non-profit health and human services organization, MFHS works to meet the health and nutrition needs of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s women, children and families with information, education, and quality care.

Founded in 1971, MFHS has been preventing disease, promoting wellness, and empowering individuals to realize the promise of better health for over 45 years. Today, we oversee and support a network of health and nutrition centers in 16 Pennsylvania counties, serving over 110,000 women, men and children annually through five core programs:

Since its inception, MFHS has responded to the community’s changing needs by continually developing and adapting innovative programing that improves the quality of life for women, children and families. MFHS has a proven track record of service delivery, administering and managing various large and small programs in a timely and effective manner.

Often the only available point of access to affordable, preventive care for many of the women, children and families we serve, these programs rely on support from public/private partners as well as individuals like you.