About Reproductive Health

Reproductive Health Services at MFHS are designed to empower all women, men and teens to take charge of and care for their sexual and reproductive health.

The centerpiece of Reproductive Health Services, the MFHS Family Planning Program, is supported through the National Family Planning Program, also known as Title X of the Public Health Service Act. Funded through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Title X has been a critical component of our nation’s public health system for over forty years, and is, for many of the women, men and teens we serve, the only available point of access to affordable, preventive care.

Additionally, some Pennsylvania men and women receive free MFHS family planning care through PA’s Family Planning Service Program, a Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare program.

MFHS ensures adults with declared family income below 100% of the Federal Poverty Index and all adolescents under 18 receive care for free. In addition, MFHS ensures adults with a declared between 101% and 250% of the FPI receive care at a discounted rate.

By administering care through a network of direct and contract service providers, MFHS Reproductive Health Services serve 31,500 Pennsylvanians annually. Spread throughout the community, MFHS care is available at hospitals, community health centers, physician groups, and Planned Parenthood affiliates. And with evidence to suggest publicly funded contraception services save $3.74 for every dollar spent, MFHS care is hugely cost effective.

Additional Resources

Program funding includes a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Tilte X.