Pregnancy Care


MFHS provides care for pregnant women from their first prenatal visit through delivery. Prenatal care at MFHS Circle of Care, Scranton is an innovative prenatal program that takes a positive, proactive role in ensuring a healthy pregnancy. The comprehensive package of services includes medical, nutrition, and social services that are tailored to meet your individual needs – helping you care for yourself as well as your child.

MFHS prenatal services focus on a healthy pregnancy, which means ongoing assessment of educational, nutritional, and other individual needs. It also means early detection and treatment of any problems—the sooner a problem is detected and taken care of, the better it is for baby and mother.

Through Maternal and Family Health Services, complete prenatal care delivered by an outstanding team of medical professionals is provided during pregnancy and immediately after the baby’s birth. Early intervention, care coordination, and continuity of care are important features of this program that is sponsored through the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare.