Our Circle of Care office is your one-stop location for your family’s healthcare and nutrition needs in Scranton. We are centrally located in Scranton, within walking distance of many local business and public transit stops.

The New Circle of Care is Now Open!

All the services you’ve come to know and love (plus some NEW exciting services) are available at our new flagship office, located at:

820 South Washington Avenue
Scranton, PA 18505


MFHS Circle of care offers a maternal home model of care, which includes the following services in one location:

Caring for your and your children’s health is easy when all the services you need are under the same roof! Call our Circle of Care office today at 570-961-5550 to schedule your appointment. Because the cost of MFHS care is determined by income, many appointments are free. For some programs like reproductive health care, appointments can be free, or low cost, or your insurance may cover services. Our staff will be able to discuss your program eligibility with you when you call.