Caring for your family and your community starts by taking care of yourself. The wide range of health services available to women at MFHS can help you care for everything that matters most to you.


Reproductive Health – Free and low cost contraception, counseling, STI screenings and treatment — because caring for your own reproductive health protects both you and your partner.

WIC – Teach good eating habits early. For moms, dads and guardians with children 5 and under. Breastfeeding mothers in the program can also get Breastfeeding Support from our peer counselor program.

Nurse-Family Partnership – Giving first-time moms the tools they need to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby is the goal of NFP. Caring nurse home visitors empower mothers to create a better life for their children and themselves.

SafeTeens – A confidential web and phone connection to Pennsylvania’s reproductive health centers, SafeTeens features reliable health information on everything from contraception and STIs to self-esteem and bullying. Parents and educators: Be sure to visit the SafeTeens Resource Corner.


STI Guide – Preventing STIs is definitely a two-person job, so learn all that you can about the symptoms and risk factors of different STIs, along with how you can protect you and your partner.

Healthy Recipes – Because making and enjoying healthful and inexpensive food is key to caring for your own — and your family’s — health.

Get Involved – MFHS relies on advocates like you to sustain — and grow! — our caring presence in Eastern Pennsylvania. See how just five minutes of your time can yield a wealth of care in the community.