What Is The Healthy Beginnings Plus Program?

What Is The Healthy Beginnings Plus Program? Featured Image

One of the most innovate and vital programs for pregnant women at Maternal & Family Health Services is our Healthy Beginnings Plus program. Located at our own Circle of Care center in Scranton, in partnership with the Community Medical Center, Healthy Beginnings Plus is designed to help ensure a healthy pregnancy and healthy mom and baby after delivery.
A healthy pregnancy involves many things, including good nutrition, education on the needs of mom and baby, and early detection of any problems. Ensuring proper diet and helping remove risks such as smoking can help reduce complications and other health problems. Maternal & Family Health Services is proud to offer all of these prenatal services to low income women in the area surrounding Circle Of Care.
After the baby is born, participants are eligible for home nurse visits, and normal postpartum care is available for both mom and baby. New mothers are advised on breast feeding and can attend classes to help them give their baby the best start possible.
If you’re interested in learning more, or would like to apply to be part of the Healthy Beginnings Plus program, please contact our Circle of Care center today.