Take Your Teens On A Virtual Tour Of A Family Planning Center

Take Your Teens On A Virtual Tour Of A Family Planning Center Featured Image

Teaching teens about responsible reproductive health is undoubtedly a challenge. Whether you are a parent, educator or a youth leader, you want to show teens why taking charge of their health is important, and also make them comfortable having these discussions.
Maternal & Family Health Services is proud to present a tool to help you as you educate your teens about making these positive choices: the Safeteens Virtual Visit Toolkit. This cd toolkit includes a video of teens at their first visit to a family planning center. You can watch as they learn what happens at the center and ask some common questions that teens want to know about reproductive health.
The MFHS Virtual Visit CD toolkit is designed to help remove the fear that many teens have of their first family planning visit and helps them feel more comfortable with the topic of reproductive health. There are also resources to help educators and parents talk to their teens about safe sex, STDs and pregnancy prevention.
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