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Approximately 19 million new sexually transmitted infections (STI) occur each year.

Anyone engaging in sexual activity (vaginal, oral or anal) is at risk for getting a STI – The risk increasing with the number of sex partners and with unprotected sex. If you are sexually active you should be tested regularly as many STIs do not exhibit symptoms —often leaving infected persons unaware they are infected.

MFHS offers STI screening and treatment – including partner treatment – across our service area. 

Screening is also 100% confidential – Just Between Us! Nothing will be mailed to your home, and parents or partners will not be notified.  MFHS care is provided at free or low cost whether you have insurance, have limited insurance, or have no insurance at all.

Screening is quick and easy – with results back to you within 7-10 days.

Beginning in June 2024, MFHS will offer rapid syphilis testing done by fingerstick – results in just 10 minutes.

Many locations offer walk-in screening – no appointment necessary! 

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