May is National Adolescent Health Month

Jean Holmgren
May is National Adolescent Health Month Featured Image

May is National Adolescent Health Month and at Maternal and Family Health Services (MFHS) we are celebrating and reaffirming our commitment to a world where all young people—no matter who they are or where they live—have access to the healthcare and health education they need. 

All young people need and deserve to have safe and supportive spaces where they can feel physically, mentally, and emotionally safe. Environments like homes, schools, neighborhoods, community groups, peer groups, and family significantly influence the health and well-being of young individuals. Safe and supportive settings like MFHS can offer young people accessible and culturally relevant reproductive care to help them make informed decisions about their health and well-being. Adolescents can feel the positive effects of safe and supportive environments now and into adulthood. 

By making community resources available to adolescents, we can improve their access to health care and social services. This step is integral to supporting their development into healthy adults. We all want the best education for our children, which also encompasses sex education and helps young people learn how to have healthy relationships, make informed decisions, and have respect and compassion for all.   

At MFHS, we are committed to providing a range of high-quality health care services and educational resources to adolescents. Through, Pennsylvania teens can explore more about their own health and how to cultivate healthy relationships. We encourage adolescents to bring their questions and concerns about reproductive health care to trusted adults like their parents or other caregivers, and we also provide resources for parents on initiating conversations with their teens.  

Parents and caregivers, teachers, health care providers, social workers, and other professionals are among those who frequently interact with adolescents. During National Adolescent Health Month, we encourage everyone who works with or cares for Pennsylvania adolescents to advocate for better access to reproductive healthcare and education. Early and frequent discussions on this topic are crucial in helping our teens thrive and grow into healthy, content adults. 

For more information about MFHS and our services, please visit, and for resources and education tailored to adolescents. 

Maria Montoro Edwards, PhD  
President & CEO, Maternal and Family Health Services