Dr. Holly Atkinson Offers Inspiration and Motivation at MFHS 40th Annual Meeting

Dr. Holly Atkinson Offers Inspiration and Motivation at MFHS 40th Annual Meeting Featured Image

Dr. Holly Atkinson & MFHS President & CEO Bette Cox-Saxton at the 40th Annual Meeting.

Dr. Holly Atkinson, nationally recognized speaker known for offering practical advice, motivation and inspiration, presented “The 5 Keys to Maximum Health” during the MFHS 40th Annual Meeting held October 26. The Annual Meeting was a community event to celebrate 40 years of service with MFHS board members, partners and supporters. It was an opportunity to take a look back on all that MFHS has accomplished over the past four decades and look ahead to new opportunities.
During her presentation, Dr. Atkinson discussed the research that shows that simple solutions like moving more and thinking positively can have a lasting and positive impact on overall health and wellness, and provided evidence of the negative health impact of behaviors such as sedentary lifestyles, poor diet, negative thinking, stress, and a self-centered culture.
Dr. Atkinson’s experience as a national medical correspondent includes appearances on NBC’s Today show, The CBS Morning News, Lifetime Medical Television, and PBS.  She is an entrepreneur who founded and served as President & CEO of Reuters Health Information Inc., founding Medical Editor-In-Chief of Everydayhealth.com, a leading health website, and a best-selling author of Women and Fatigue.  Dr. Atkinson is also Assistant Professor of Medicine and co-Director of the Advancing Idealism in Medicine Program at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and Adjunct Professor of Public Health at Weill Medical College of Cornell University.
Thank you to Dr. Atkinson for joining us at this year’s annual meeting and for your words of inspiration and motivation!