Donna Decker Selected as Outstanding Community Partner by MFHS

Donna Decker, Community Health Manager for Wayne Memorial Hospital (left), accepts MFHS Outstanding Community Partner Award from Bette Cox Saxton, MFHS President &CEO, and the MFHS 40th Annual Meeting held October 26.

The 2011 Outstanding Community Partner Award was presented to Donna Decker, Community Health Manager for Wayne Memorial Hospital in Honesdale, in recognition of her work to create essential partnerships that connect people to programs and services, encourage healthy living, and build a stronger community.

Donna’s efforts on behalf of the Wayne Memorial Hospital include participation in the State Health Improvement Plan, the Prevention Initiative, the Well Weighs Project, and tobacco free initiatives.  MFHS is especially grateful for her efforts on behalf of the Together for Health School Program, which brings important healthy living information to adolescents.

Donna helps connect MFHS with young people who could benefit from our services, and assists MFHS in improving the ways we reach out to teens and the services and information we provide.

MFHS honors and celebrates her work to ensure people have access to the information and resources to help them make healthy choices.