Does Title X Matter?

Does Title X Matter? Featured Image

The long-lasting debate about whether or not Title X matters is here but we are not discussing it; because we know that IT MATTERS! If you are not already aware, Title X is a federal grant that provides confidential, reproductive healthcare and contraception to both men and women from every aspect of society. If you think that Title X does not affect you, you are wrong, and here is why:
If you’re a college student/grad…
… health insurance may not come so easy. Without insurance there isn’t a safety net as you work your way through your curious years. Whether you think you may be pregnant or it just doesn’t look right down there, Title X can help you out. You can seek help from a Title X provider for a small fee instead of paying a lot more somewhere else.
If you’re a young woman…
… there are a ton of healthcare hoops that you have to jump through. You have to begin regular visits with a gynecologist, some sort of family planning routine and possibly planning for future pregnancies. If you do not have the financial assistance to help you with any of this, it could be very tough. This is when Title X comes in handy for you.
If you’re a more mature woman …
            … the cycle will come full circle when it affects your children. The hoops you had to jump through, your children are now facing. Title X can help your children, both male and female, like they helped you.
If you’re a man …
… you are facing some of the same problems women are. You may need contraception or family planning services and Title X can help. If you specifically do not need attention, Title X can also help you assist a loved one.
Image life without Title X: society would face more unplanned pregnancies, abortions, battles with cancer and other illnesses. Next time you are planning a visit to the doctors or you’re in need of reproductive healthcare services keep Title X in mind. It matters to men, women and teens from all walks of life. If you are breathing, Title X matters to you.