Bayer and Direct Relief Fund MFHS Telehealth Expansion

Jean Holmgren
Bayer and Direct Relief Fund MFHS Telehealth Expansion Featured Image

MFHS is thrilled to announce the expansion of our telehealth services for Spanish speaking reproductive health patients thanks to a grant from Bayer and Direct Relief. The addition of this funding will allow MFHS to hire a Spanish language telehealth navigator to help our Spanish speaking clients better access care during the pandemic.

You can read about all of the recent grants from Bayer and Direct Relief on their website, and a read a brief excerpt of the article below:

“When Covid-19 hit, MFHS, like many other providers, implemented telehealth. But they quickly noticed a problem, said John Kearney, MFHS’s vice president of program services. The platform wasn’t working for Spanish-speaking patients, and “we didn’t have the resources to speak with these folks and walk them through the software,” he said.

The Community Health Award will change that. MFHS is beginning a new program designed to make digital reproductive health services more available to the Spanish-speaking residents of nearby communities. The program will also come with a navigator who’s from one of those communities and can help new patients connect to MFHS.

Kearney explained that, for their patients, telehealth is a great way to overcome transportation limitations, concerns about immigration status, and language and cultural barriers. “Why force people to come in when they can use their smartphone, when they can use what they have in their hand?” he said.”