Maternal and Family Health Services, Inc. is a unique provider of women’s reproductive health and nutrition care throughout Pennsylvania. This agency was founded in 1971 with the goal to improve the quality of family life and promote responsible parenthood in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Today, MFHS is one of the largest non-profit agencies in the region providing innovative health and human services to women, men and children in 16 Pennsylvania counties.

Each of our core programs work under a unique service model that addresses the specific needs in our community. With the support of our government partners on both the state and federal levels, along with the support of our community, these individual programs form a health and nutrition service network that addresses critical needs for women, children and families in Pennsylvania.

In addition to our ongoing commitment to our current programs, MFHS is always looking for ways to expand our services, such as this blog. Our goal is to provide reliable and helpful information on nutrition, family planning and reproductive health, not only for those in our service area, but for anyone seeking this information on the web.

For more information on MFHS or to locate a health center near you, call 1-800-FOR-MFHS (367-6347) or email us at

The MFHS Core Programs:

Since our founding in 1971, MFHS has responded to the community’s changing needs by continually developing and adapting programs that improve the quality of life for women, children and families. In order to achieve this, our core programs are enhanced by projects that further promote health and wellness, such as:

  • Safeteens Program MFHS is committed to providing Pennsylvania teenagers with reliable health and lifestyle information and helping them gain access to health care services available through our family planning partners across the state in the Alliance of Pennsylvania Councils. The Safeteens initiative includes a teen wallet card, toll-free hotline and website ( which provides Pennsylvania teenagers with reliable information on a variety of health and wellness topics and directs teens to family planning services available across the state.
  • Breastfeeding Support Maternal and Family Health Services promotes breastfeeding as the most perfect infant food and provides resources through our WIC Nutrition Program to encourage pregnant women to choose to breastfeed their babies.  Breastfeeding women have access to a variety of support services through WIC, including education on the unique advantage of breast milk, breastfeeding support and counseling and breast pump distribution.
  • Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program The Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program provides checks to participants in the WIC Nutrition Program which can be used to purchase fresh, Pennsylvania-grown fruits and vegetables from farmers at Farmer’s Markets.  The project is jointly sponsored by the Untied States Department of Agriculture, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and the Pennsylvania Department of Health.