2023 Rose Allan Tucker Award: Maria Kolcharno, MSW, LSW

Jean Holmgren
2023 Rose Allan Tucker Award: Maria Kolcharno, MSW, LSW Featured Image

The Rose Allan Tucker Award is being presented to Maria Kolcharno, MSW, LSW, of The Wright Center for Community Health. Ms. Kolcharno is Director of Addiction Services and was instrumental in founding the Healthy MOMS community collaborative in 2018, which provides treatment and support for pregnant women and new mothers living with substance use disorder. Maria previously worked at Geisinger Marworth, where she was instrumental in the recovery journeys of hundreds, if not, thousands of individuals. In her current role at The Wright Center for Community Health, Maria is transparent and open about her own recovery, and by being so relatable and honest, Maria opens a door for others to share their struggles and re-write their stories in a healthy way.  

Throughout her career, Maria has helped hundreds of individuals enter recovery, and offers non-judgmental, relatable and honest encouragement to hundreds of pregnant women and new moms who are working through addiction and finding their way into long-term recovery. While her work is often behind the scenes, she is a community change-maker who is always focused on the best interests of the people she serves. She is also involved in local causes and nonprofits that support mental health and recovery awareness and is an active participant in the Luzerne County Breastfeeding Coalition, amongst other organizations to which she gives her time and talents.