2019 Community Partner Award: Lackawanna College

2019 Community Partner Award: Lackawanna College Featured Image

MFHS is thrilled to announce that our 2019 Community Partner Award is going to Lackawanna College at our 48th annual meeting. Starting in 2018, Lackawanna College began providing full-tuition scholarships for clients from MFHS who are enrolled in the Nurse-Family Partnership program in an effort to continue to provide affordable, high quality educational opportunities to the residents of Northeastern Pennsylvania. The organizations will collaborate to select one NFP client from each division of MFHS in Lackawanna and Luzerne counties. Candidates for the scholarships are identified by MHFS and chosen by Lackawanna based on the applicant’s academic potential, financial need, and other variables that are best exemplified by the potential student.
“We are especially grateful to Lackawanna College for its very thoughtful and generous scholarship offerings,” said Bette Cox Saxton, President and CEO of MFHS. “It’s a remarkable opportunity for individuals who otherwise would be unlikely or unable to attend such an outstanding academic institution.”
Started in 1894 for the purpose of providing a quality education to all persons seeking to improve their lives and thus better the community, Lackawanna College has been educating inhabitants of Northeastern Pennsylvania for 125 years. Located in downtown Scranton, Lackawanna College is one of the oldest educational institutions in the region. Originally consisting of a business school to educate breaker boys of local coal mines in 1902, the college eventually grew to offer civil service courses and education classes for women actively seeking to enter the workforce. Once again the college adapted after World War II, now allowing returning veterans to seek further education after the war efforts and expanding curriculum to fit occupational needs of the time.
Today, the college offers roughly 30 different bachelor’s and associate degree options. Some programs include: Accounting, Human Services, and Hospitality Management. It also has a number of certificate programs and competitive training institutes. Though right now the college does not have a wide variety of four year degree options, being that it just started offering bachelor’s degrees in 2017, the institute is continuously working on expanding its reach within the coming years to better cater to the changing educational environment.
Congratulations Lackawanna College and thank you for your continued support of our clients!