Tools For Caring

Maternal and Family Health Services’ commitment to you and yours doesn’t end at the center’s door. Living well is an all-day effort—and with the MFHS Tools for Caring, you can access reliable health information any time of day. From tips on building stronger relationships to recipes for building stronger eating habits, we’ve got the information to empower you to live a better, healthier life.

Interactive Kiosk – As seen in many of our health centers, the interactive kiosk is an educational tool that assists in WIC appointments. You can also fill out WIC dietary questionnaires online via the kiosk!

Virtual Visit Tool Kit – This cd tool kit is for health professionals, educators, and even parents as you help the teens in your life navigate their way towards responsible adulthood.

Online Education

STI Guide – Get the facts on many common sexually transmitted infections and learn symptoms and how to treat them.