Summer Food Program For Kids

Now that summer is here, kids everywhere are taking part in the traditional delights of summer vacation: long bike rides, swimming during the afternoon, playing with friends, and maybe even camping out in the back yard. For some children, summer brings the end of their daily free lunch at school. For children who depend on that free lunch as their primary meal of the day, three long months of summer can mean months without proper nutrition.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The USDA sponsors a yearly Summer Food Program that provides free meals to children under 18 so that they continue to receive high quality nutrition throughout the summer. This program was established in 1975 and helps fight hunger and nutrition needs during the summer months.

You can learn more about how the program works, including how you can participate as a sponsor, by downloading this brochure from the USDA.

If you know of a child who may be eligible for the program or want more information, you can get information on sites near you in Pennsylvania by calling 1-800-331-0129.