WIC Retailer Information

The PA WIC Program maintains contracts with retail stores for the purchase of WIC foods. The State Agency (PA Department of Health) authorizes a limited number of WIC retail stores in order to assure that they are conveniently accessible to participants and to assure that program staff can effectively monitor and review WIC retail store performance.

Interested retail stores with questions on how to become WIC approved should contact:

Ben Sappe’, Retail Store Manager
Maternal and Family Health Services
15 Public Square, Suite 600
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701-1700
Phone: 570-826-1777
Fax: 570-823-3040

Each approved WIC retail store a must maintain minimum inventory of the allowable WIC foods. To download the minimum inventory requirements, click here.

WIC Sales Steps

  • Separate WIC foods from other groceries. Separate WIC foods by check. Each check will be rung up separately.
  • The WIC customer gives the cashier the WIC ID and WIC check(s) before the sale is rung up.
  • The “Family ID Number” on the check must match the “Family ID Number” on the WIC ID card.
  • The cashier enters the total of each WIC sale in the “Pay Exactly” box of the appropriate check.
  • The amount in the “Pay Exactly” box must match the total on the register after the total is filled in.
  • If a mistake is made entering the “Pay Exactly” amount, the cashier must draw a single line through the amount and write the correct amount below. The WIC customer must initial to verify the correction.
  • Once the “Pay Exactly” box is correctly filled in, the WIC customer must sign in the “Signature of Endorser or Proxy” box.

Retailer Resources

WIC Vendor Assistant – state website for store owners/operators. Access requires WIC vendor number and federal ID number for username and password.