Teen Reproductive Health

dv1644033Caring for your own sexual and reproductive health is an important part of growing up. That’s why MFHS offers free reproductive health services for all teens under 18.

All MFHS care, including birth control and STD treatment, is confidential, so no parental permission is required. In addition, MFHS does not bill insurance for teens under 18, so no visits will appear on any insurance statements.

To schedule, find a Reproductive Health Services location near you.


MFHS provides SafeTeens, a confidential web and phone connection to Pennsylvania’s reproductive health centers. Featuring reliable health information on everything from contraception and STIs to nutrition and exercise, SafeTeens is Pennsylvania’s teens’ online guide to a healthy lifestyle.

Virtual Visit

Great for health educators! For $19.99, our virtual family planning visit walk-through on CD is designed to alleviate teenage fears about reproductive health exams. Order Here.