Pregnancy Care at MFHS is an investment in special obstetrical care that gives expectant mothers a positive prenatal experience and helps them reduce the risk of delivering early.

  • Improves pregnancy outcomes by reducing low birth weight, infant mortality and maternal health problems
  • A positive prenatal experience helps expectant mothers reduce the risk of delivering early
  • Proper diet and nutrition help alleviate fatigue, infections and minimize the effect of morning sickness and indigestion during pregnancy
  • Smoking cessation helps reduce pregnancy complications like miscarriage, stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy and genetic defects to the baby
What happens once the baby is born?

Once the baby is born, participants are eligible for home visits by a nurse, normal postpartum care is available and baby care will be reviewed. Mothers will also learn how to successfully breastfeed the baby. A return postpartum visit will be scheduled and referrals will be made for continuing care for baby and for personal gynecologic care.

Click here for more information about the Healthy Beginnings Plus Program provided through the Pensylvania Department of Public Welfare.