Order The MFHS Virtual Tool Kit Today!

With the school year back into full swing, it’s time for health educators to look at the materials they have to offer their classes, and what their syllabuses will require. With a limited amount of resources available to health educators on important teen issues, like proper sex education, nutrition and LGBTQ information, Maternal and Family Health Services and Sateteens.org would like to reach out and offer our materials to health educators all over our services area.

Sometimes it’s hard to make teens listen when telling them about how to protect and care for themselves. MFHS has developed a virtual tour of our Family Planning program that is focused on the teen experience and is more easily accepted by teen viewers. Available for $20.00, this useful DVD introduces viewers to a young girl educating her group of friends on her trip to her local MFHS Family Planning Center. She tells them about the free counseling, exams and birth control they could receive by going themselves. The virtual tour even takes us through an actual Family Planning Center, so teens can get a true-to-life feel for how his or her own visit will be.

In addition to the virtual Family Planning tour, MFHS also encourages health educators to visit our Safeteens.org site. On it you will find resources and a plan of action for educators, parents and teens. The site is broken down into popular topics of interest for teens, such as relationship advice, nutrition and exercise tips, information on drugs and alcohol, LGBTQ resources, and discussions about safe sex and teen pregnancy.  The Safeteens.org blog updates regularly, giving classes a topic to focus their dialogue around.

Maternal and Family Health Services also offers free materials on our various programs, including Family Planning, HealthyWoman cancer screening and Nurse Family Partnership, to name a few. MFHS has educational pamphlets on STDs, safe sex and difficult topics for teens such as self-exams for men and women. Health educators shouldn’t hesitate to contact MFHS’ marketing department to order these complimentary materials or purchase our virtual tour DVD. Call the administrative office toll free at 1-800-367-6347.