MFHS Is Going Green!

Last month, the first step in an agency wide effort to Go Green was unveiled at the MFHS administration office. The brand new “MFHS Green Team” presented some fun skits and went over their plan for becoming a greener agency. The new green initiative is being rolled out at our administration office first since their office setting lends to a lot of paper and electricity usage. Soon, we’ll be making similar changes in all of our centers throughout our service area. MFHS is committed to being a greener organization for the health of our employees, and to improve the environment in the communities we serve.

Some of the projects the Green Team have started in the administration office include: improved recycling programs, a push to reduce printing and to increase double sided printing when needed, helping staff to get in the habit of shutting down all electronics and lights at the end of the day, and much more. The team has been running fun contests throughout the office and educating their colleagues on more ways they can go green.  MFHS will rolling out these changes to our centers, and will also be replacing cleaning supplies with greener (and healthier) supplies.

We hope you enjoy some of these pictures of the unveiling of our “Green Team”. In the past month we’ve seen a noticeable improvement in our paper and ink usage, and we’re starting to see improvements in electricity usage as well. Thank you to everyone at MFHS for sharing their ideas and supporting our effort to Go Green!