Maternal and Family Health Services Launches Redesigned Website

announcementMaternal and Family Health Services, Inc. (MFHS) announces the launch of the newly redesigned The new MFHS website is designed to help connect the people of Northeast Pennsylvania with vital health services, as well as to connect the community with a variety of ways to support MFHS in their mission of care.

Visitors to the new website can find information on all MFHS programs, including the WIC Nutrition Program, Reproductive Health Services, the Nurse-Family Partnership and more. Details on the services, as well as eligibility information, are available for each program. There are also sections that outline services specifically for families, for women & girls, and for men & boys. This allows users on the website to access information tailored to their needs, even if they are not familiar with the agency and the programs they may qualify for.

The new also features the “Do I Qualify?” tool, which is a fast, confidential way for website visitors to find out which MFHS services they may qualify for. By answering a few simple questions, users can get connected to the correct programs and see detailed eligibility requirements and locations near them.

Members of the community interested in making a difference in the lives of Pennsylvania women, men and children can visit the Get Involved section of the new MFHS website and find several ways to contribute to their mission of care. Donations to the agency can be made directly online via PayPal, as memorial donations, or to the Kathryn A. Dickerson Memorial Scholarship Fund. The community can also get involved through special events like the upcoming MFHS Annual Meeting Luncheon, or by volunteering or completing an internship with the agency.

The new Maternal and Family Health Services website also features a redesigned blog, improved location finders for each program, and a new upcoming events page. The site also connects users to the agency via social media sites like Facebook and YouTube. The site will continue to expand with more online tools and educational material throughout the rest of the year.