Let’s Talk About Sex – The Film

On April 9th, a fascinating new look into the world of teen sexual activity and pregnancy will be airing on TLC – “Let’s Talk About Sex”. This documentary examines how American attitudes about adolescent sexuality affect teenagers and their families today. Living in a society that uses sex to sell just about everything doesn’t necessarily mean that there is an openness about discussing it. There is a fear about discussing sex with our youth, and this film examines the consequences of the silence that results: teen pregnancy, STDs, and HIV.

The film itself talks about sex and sexuality with teens and their families, along with experts in the field of sexuality. You will get a look at how other countries deal with teen sexuality and where they succeed in protecting their youth, and see how you can apply these ideas in your own home with your teens.

The movie’s website: letstalkaboutsexthefilm.com has more information about the film, along with some resources to help parents start the conversation about safe sex and sexuality with your teens. You can get even more information on healthy sexuality and healthy living for teens at SafeTeens.org.