It’s National Nutrition Month!

Every March, the American Dietitian Association celebrates National Nutrition Month. March is the perfect time to think about the foods you eat and to start making healthier choices for you and your family. Maybe your New Year’s resolutions didn’t pan out as well as you’d hoped, or maybe you had too many sweets over the holidays. None of that matters because today is the perfect day to start making the changes you need to be healthier.

You can ease your way into healthier eating by incorporating some easy tips from the American Dietitian Association website into your daily routine:

  • Substitute crunchy veggies for chips with your favorite dip.
  • Add more color to your salads with baby carrots, grape tomatoes, spinach leaves or mandarin oranges.
  • Spice up sandwiches by making sure you include slices of your favorite vegetables.
  • Try a baked potato, fruit or a salad in place of greasy fries when eating out.
  • Keep healthy granola, dried fruit and healthy snacks at your desk or in your purse for a snack at work or on the go.

You can get a lot of great tips, like healthy snacks for kids, and how to shop smarter while food shopping, at the American Dietitian Association website. How do you plan to eat healthier during National Nutrition Month and through the rest of 2011?