You want the very best for your family, from good nutrition to health education. Take care of your family’s health and nutrition needs and with a variety of programs designed for Pennsylvania families.


Reproductive Health – Free and low cost contraception, counseling, STI screenings and treatment — because caring for your own reproductive health protects both you and your partner.

WIC – Teach good eating habits early. For moms, dads and guardians with children 5 and under. Breastfeeding mothers in the program can also get Breastfeeding Support from our peer counselor program.

SafeTeens – A confidential web and phone connection to Pennsylvania’s reproductive health centers, SafeTeens features reliable health information on everything from contraception and STIs to self-esteem and bullying. Parents and educators: Be sure to visit the SafeTeens Resource Corner.


STI Guide – Preventing STIs is definitely a two-person job, so learn all that you can about the symptoms and risk factors of different STIs, along with how you can protect you and your partner.

Healthy Recipes – Because making and enjoying healthful and inexpensive food is key to caring for your own — and your family’s — health.

Get Involved – MFHS relies on advocates like you to sustain — and grow! — our caring presence in Eastern Pennsylvania. See how just five minutes of your time can yield a wealth of care in the community.