Finding Helpful Online Nutrition Resources

How do you find information that’s trustworthy and reliable online? There are millions of pages online that claim to share the most up to date tips on every subject imaginable. When it comes to your health, you want to be especially careful and choose sources that will help you make the right decisions. We are always on the lookout for new sources to share with everyone who comes in to our centers, as well as all of our web readers.

While there are a lot of great resources out there, today we wanted to share some of the best sites that the government has put together to help keep America eating healthy. With First Lady Michelle Obama’s focus on improved nutrition and fitness for the nation’s youth, there are a wide variety of resources for every need: – Learn how to understand the food pyramid and how it can help you eat healthier. The site features a menu planner, as well as a tool to help analyze your current eating habits. – Get nutritional information on just about any food.  Enter a food name and you’ll be able to choose portion sizes and varieties and get a nutritional breakdown. – This is a useful hub to all of the nutritional information available from the government online. You can also get fact sheets or stay up to date on the latest nutritional news. – Do you or your kids need to learn more about fruits and vegetables? This site focuses exclusively on how important they are and how many you need.  Get recipes and tips on how to add more fruits and veggies to your diet. – This is the total package when it comes to childhood nutrition and exercise. Get tips on encouraging healthy eating and ways to get your kids active and away from the tv and computer.

What are some of your favorite nutrition resources? Let us know!