August Is Immunization Awareness Month!

National Immunization MonthIt’s August already! While the summer seems to be flying by, we wanted to slow things down for a minute to discuss Immunization Awareness Month. Every August, organizations around the country strive to educate and inform the community about immunizations and the benefits they can provide for both children and adults. In keeping with our goal of healthy pregnancies and healthy babies, we’re fans of this movement to protect children from preventable diseases.

Recently, many parents have become more cautious when it comes to immunizing their children. We agree – it’s important to know what you’re giving your child and why. Unfortunately, there are a lot of half truths being spread that are causing fear among parents who may be keeping their children from getting life saving vaccines. Immunization Awareness Month is designed to help parents understand the benefits and make informed decisions about their children’s health

The Centers For Disease Control has put together a wonderful immunization guide in honor of Immunization Awareness Month. The CDC’s guide highlights the power of vaccines – eradication of diseases like smallpox and severely reducing the spread of measles, rubella and much more. If you’ve been hesitant to get you or your children vaccinated, now is the perfect time to read up on the protection they provide and how safe they are. After that, talk to your doctor so you can get your immunizations up to date!